Automatic reporting system – MeldeClient

With the MeldeClient, feratel provides an automatic electronic reporting solution for tourism. The software offers extensive support for hosts, communities and tourism organizations for registration form entry and registration book administration as well as statistical analysis (reporting) of guest data. Likewise, settlement of the spa tax (tourist tax, local tax, other taxes), which is billed on the basis of the length of stay, the location and the guest type (children, youth, adults, etc.) with the tourist accommodation company, can be done through the innovative reporting software.

Electronic guest message

At the heart of the software solution is the ability to send electronic messages directly from the facility or through a clearing house, which scans the paper registration forms and automatically sends the data to the back-office system.

An additional benefit: transmission of the data does not represent any additional cost, since the data is usually already available in electronic form at the hotel or tourist company. With this, double entries are a thing of the past and the quality of the data increases.


Existing hotel software communicates with the reporting system via standardized XML interface. As a result, the work flow in the hotel remains unchanged and the guest data does not have to be entered multiple times. Here, you can find references to more than 67 interface partners in the hotel program: Casablanca, protel, SIHOT, VELOX, and many more.

Highlights everywhere

The only prerequisite for use of the reporting system solution is a sufficiently fast Internet connection and a standard browser. No other special hardware is required. The software offers an input screen optimally adapted to users as well as an interface to the guest card system. With the Quick-check-in function – provision of an individual entry form for each landlord – guests can even register from home.

Statistics – a breeze

With the MeldeClient interface program from feratel, tourism companies have their statistics under control. In the evaluation area of the software solution, a large number of reporting variants are available. Among other things, this greatly facilitates the conducting of extensive evaluations such as annual statistics or annual comparisons.

Simply awesome

Fully automated functions and simple, structured workflows make training users (landlords) unnecessary. A wide variety of inspection mechanisms also ensure correct transmission of guest data to the registration office – automatic reporting is simple and ingenious.

The automated electronic notification of guests is a service that facilitates the workflow in tourism and improves the quality and quantity of the data. Our experts are at your disposal for further information, questions and general support.