feratel Panorama

When it comes to creating emotions and putting your destination in its best light, feratelPanorama provides the suitable tool for successful marketing. Weather live pictures are hugely popular with TV audiences, PC, tablet and also mobile device users. And those who discover perfect slopes, sunny remote beaches or buzzing city life feel like going on holiday.

The panorama pictures are taken by a very robust 360° swivel camera especially developed for this purpose. Along with sensor-collected weather information, such as temperature, humidity or wind speed, it is also possible to insert additional information, web-address, events, booking hotlines,…. or a logo.

The only thing that counts is media performance.

We at feratel offer you the necessary know-how and state-of-the-art technology to present the perfect panorama video and we also provide a unique distribution network comprising TV, online and mobile channels. feratelPanorama guarantees a new standard in marketing: only one tool is needed to reach both guests dedicated to new media and guests still attached to traditional information methods. Weather live pictures and weather data or weather forecasts are the most important content on tourist websites, but they are also very popular with TV audiences.

Panorama pictures are essential to successfully advertise a tourism region. That’s the reason why many European destinations successfully showcase their regions with panorama cameras by feratel – completed by fantastic views, current weather data and other useful information.

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