Bad Endorf/Chiemgau

“A feratel camera has stood on the roof of the Chiemgau Thermen spa in Bad Endorf since 2001. A new HD camera was installed in spring 2014. With the video stream in HDTV quality, hotspots/still images and a 360 ° panorama image, the broadcast quality has again increased significantly. For us, the broadcast of the panorama views is a perfect advertising medium and an integral part of the marketing mix, not to mention an increase in the level of awareness. Many guests in Bad Endorf and visitors to the Chiemgau Thermen spa indicate in surveys that they became aware of the Chiemgau Thermen spa through the Bavarian television broadcast of Bad Endorf and the Chiemgau Thermen spa.”

Ingrid Dangl, Gesundheitswelt Chiemgau, Manager of Central Marketing